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Dec 30th 2006

Revealed: Executioner of Saddam Hussein

Dec 29th 2006

M.C. Escher: An Interpretive Short Film


Dec 27th 2006

Tal vez él encuentre trabajo con la ONU

Éste parece ser un candidato ideal para trabajar en la ONU.
Un empleado de la municipalidad de la ciudad bonaerense de Tres Arroyos fue detenido hoy acusado a entregar a mujeres cajas de alimentos del Plan Vida a cambio de sexo, informaron fuentes policiales.

Dec 27th 2006

Zidane Headbutt: The Clothing Line

The infamous “Zidane headbutt” has inspired an Italian produced clothing line, Xqua.

Dec 26th 2006

One Step Closer to 1984

This makes me want to move back to Latin America where many aspects of Orwellian big-brotherness, if desired, are too expensive for the government to implement.
England is not so lucky, having been blessed with both wealth and autocratic-leaning politicians.
“People are shocked when they hear the cameras talk, but when they see everyone else looking at […]

Dec 26th 2006

MySpace is the new GeoCities

If you’ve been on the net for at least eight or nine years then you certainly remember GeoCities.
As further evidence that MySpace is the new GeoCities, I bring you:
Top 8 Christmas MySpace Pages To Make Your Eyes Bleed

Dec 25th 2006

Merry Christmas

Dec 23rd 2006

Happy Festivus

It’s December 23rd, which means that people from around the world will be gathering in their living rooms tonight around the aluminum pole for the airing of grievances and feats of strength.
UPDATE: ¡Festivus, explicado en Español!

Dec 23rd 2006

The Absurdity of Copyright Law

If nothing else demostrates the nonsensical nature of U.S. copyright law, then this surely does:
The RIAA is suing the website on behalf of EMI, Sony BMG, Universal Music, and Warner Music in the amount of $150,000 for each of the 11 million songs that were downloaded from June to October of 2006. That comes […]

Dec 23rd 2006

more use of the “botched joke” excuse

as we predicted, use of the botched joke excuse is growing. as with our predictions on new LDS apostles and jurisprudential trends, you can take our prognostications to the bank.
previous offenders:
john kerry
faith hill
new offenders: (in order of increasing seriousness)
jim mora
rosie o’donnell
wesam al delaema
jim mora took some flack from atlanta fans after he […]