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Jan 20th 2007

What is the key for this map?

Click the map for the answer and the original blog post from Creative Think.

Jan 18th 2007

Mitt Romney Is No Space Alien

From an article of the same title:
Mitt Romney isn’t a flesh-eating space alien, programmed for the domination of America by Mormon masters in Salt Lake. Nor is Mitt a closet polygamist with multiple wives stowed away in the back country of Massachusetts.
But Romney, past governor of Massachusetts and prime presidential contender, is indeed Mormon, and […]

Jan 18th 2007

Dingy Harry: “I hate the 1st Amendment.”

If Harry Reid wasn’t enough of a joke as it is, here is the Democrat’s latest foray into limiting free speech:
And from that link:
S.1 has been introduced in the Senate as “lobbying reform” — which in this case means “First Amendment infringements.” An amendment has been attached, which […]

Jan 17th 2007

Is Gmail deleting my emails?

I’m wondering…
Twice in the last week I’ve gone searching for “conversations” in Gmail and have been unable to find them. When I fire up Mozilla Thunderbird (where I keep a backup of my Gmail email) I am able to locate the emails without any problem.
Not good.

Jan 17th 2007

The Ramen King Dies

Momofuku Ando, the inventor of the instant noodle, died on January 7th at age 96.
Yes, you read that right, the guy who came up with instant ramen noodles lived to 96. It’s a health food!
In 1948, he founded the precursor of Nissin, before introducing Chicken Ramen, the world’s first instant noodle product, in 1958.
Ando […]

Jan 16th 2007

Paula’s Back

please note this is my sarcastic response to doug’s jack’s back post, and is not meant to represent my true feelings.

Jan 16th 2007

Jack’s Back


Jan 12th 2007

Foto del Día

Jan 11th 2007

beckham signs with galaxy of MLS

David Beckham coming to MLS might be viewed by some as one of the most important moments for soccer in this country and perhaps in the history of professional sport. [source]

that statement is a little over the top, but for those of us who love soccer, this is great news. in at least […]

Jan 11th 2007

Barry Bonds: My teammate gave me the drug! I’m Innocent!

From the NY Daily News (hat tip – Drudge):
Barry Bonds, already under investigation for lying under oath about his steroid use, failed a test under Major League Baseball’s amphetamine policy last season and then initially blamed it on a teammate, the Daily News has learned.
I guess that is what you have to do once you’ve […]