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Feb 27th 2007

Mauricio Macri habla de Kirchner

El Mitt Romney de Argentina (o algo asi…) habla del presidente actual de la republica, Nestor Kirchner.
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Feb 27th 2007

No Free Internet for You!

A man in Alaska has his laptop taken by the police because he was using the local public library’s wireless Internet connection. The connection wasn’t encrypted or otherwise protected. It was being freely broadcast.
They’re considering criminal charges for “theft of service.”
It’s a good thing he didn’t go inside and try to read any books.

Feb 27th 2007

Only in Barbara Pearlman’s World

In Montgomery County, Maryland, there is a new program (although the old one wasn’t spectacular either) for the “health” curriculum. When I was in high school it was basically sex-ed with some talk about drugs and depression as bookends. And this stuff goes way beyond practicing with Trojans and bananas.
From the an American […]

Feb 26th 2007

Random Link Post #1

Some links from my surfings of the past week:
Google bomb explodes before reaching target
Magna Carta is a neo-liberal screed – fortunately Hugo Chavez is purging the Venezuelan constitution of all things capitalist.
Too many recipes, too little time to eat – Hungry for chocolate chip cookies?
Bolivia’s turmoil – Or, as Evo Morales says, “I’m here to […]

Feb 25th 2007

Este tipo sabe meter goles

Aguante Palermo.
Dicen que no es muy ágil y que tiene dificultad manejando la pelota…pero vamos! Sin duda sabe meter goles.

Feb 23rd 2007

What’s Wrong With Politics

When a serious candidate pulls out like this something is wrong with the process.
Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack withdrew as a candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination today, saying he could not raise enough money to compete with his nationally known rivals.
“This process has become to a great extent about money, a lot of […]

Feb 22nd 2007

It’s Officially War

Google releases a paid version of Gmail, Spreadsheets, etc. for businesses.
Google vs. Microsoft, let the games begin.
Update: The most interesting part of the plan comparison page from Google is that the “Premier” edition offers limited release “Email migration tools”. Awesome. Hopefully this will work its way down the chain so that I […]

Feb 20th 2007

Mitt Romney: Electable

Mitt is apparently more electable as a Mormon than McCain (72 years old) and Giuliani (thrice married).

Feb 20th 2007

Don’t argue with the cabbie…

This is why I just nodded and said “well…we would all love peace…” when an Egyptian cabbie in Utah started telling me how Jews were bad and Israel was evil.
Two students visiting from Ohio were coming from a bar downtown when they got into an argument with their driver over religion, said police. After they […]

Feb 19th 2007

Steve Jobs: Teacher unions stink

This guy is on a roll.
Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs lambasted teacher unions Friday, claiming no amount of technology in the classroom would improve public schools until principals could fire bad teachers.

“I believe that what is wrong with our schools in this nation is that they have become unionized in the worst possible way,” Jobs […]