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Mar 29th 2007

What’s up with the endorsements?

Am I the only one getting tired of reading about people endorsing this candidate or that one?
McGovern is supporting Hillary?
Forbes is backing Giuliani?
Clooney throws his vote to Obama?
Folks, the primaries are almost a year away!
I mean, I really like Mitt Romney. I think anybody on the GOP side and even some on the Dem […]

Mar 29th 2007

Hay fanáticos…y hay fanáticos

Ésto ya está a otro nivel…

Mar 28th 2007

So, how do Argentines have babies?

Apparently, women who eat a lot of beef can hurt their sons’ fertility.
The sons of women who regularly ate beef during pregnancy are more likely to have low sperm counts, a report claims today.
What this says about Argentina is anyone’s guess…

Mar 21st 2007

The only prescription…

Al Gore was on Capitol Hill today talking about global warming.
This makes the solution to global warming obvious…


Mar 21st 2007

True Planetary Emergency

Dan Flynn gets to the bottom of the global warming issue:
Al Gore told a Capitol Hill committee that Earth faces “a true planetary emergency” (TPE) in global warming. This, apparently, is in contrast to a fake planetary emergency (FPE). FPEs include the coming ice age, acid rain, the population bomb, and DDT poisoning. The way […]

Mar 21st 2007

“Take that Iran!”


Mar 21st 2007

america voted: mel gibson rightly earned rehab with remarks

mel gibson has won our poll, at right, asking which public figure’s comments were most deserving of rehab. it seems many people, myself included, could not separate the booze from the remarks, so mel won. most of the others on the infamous list made their remarks while completely sober (though john f. kerry […]

Mar 20th 2007

pure, unadulterated hustle

let me set the stage for you: college hockey teams from minnesota and north dakota face off in the WCHA championship game. for you non-hockey fans out there, this is like duke versus north carolina in the ACC basketball tourney final. its a big deal.
tied after regulation, the teams find […]

Mar 20th 2007

amp’d mobile commercial

i am sorry for posting so many videos lately. i have to share this because i laugh out loud every time i see it.
however, my endorsement of this commercial is by no means an endorsement of the featured song or music video.

Mar 20th 2007

stanford and the harvard rejection myth

have you ever read this story?

The President of Harvard made a mistake by prejudging people and it cost him dearly.
A lady in a faded gingham dress and her husband, dressed in a homespun threadbare suit, stepped off the train in Boston, and walked timidly without an appointment into the president’s outer office.
The secretary […]