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Jun 30th 2007

clinton aides: kean destroying “bipartisan aura” of 9/11 commission

this post was also written a while ago and never published. but it relates to a topic still fresh on many people’s minds — the 9/11 commission and clinton administration misconduct. — travis
excuse me while i vomit.
on the fifth anniversary of the september 11 attacks, ABC will be airing a movie, “the path to […]

Jun 30th 2007

supreme court school race decision

please note i have searched high and low, and am yet to see it reported that several of the plaintiffs in this case (at least the parents from louisville) were black. they brought the case because they wanted to send their children to a particular historically black louisville school, but were prevented from doing […]

Jun 29th 2007

mexican invasion

Is it Assimilation or Invasion?
by: Phyllis Schlafly
November 28, 2001
The 9/11 events temporarily shelved the foolish proposals to grant amnesty to three million Mexicans illegally living in our country. Unfortunately, there is no indication that Mexico has retreated from its longtime goal of opening the U.S. border.
In Chicago on July 27, 1997, then Mexican President […]

Jun 29th 2007

don’t forget to say ‘thank you’

here is an excerpt from my email to mitch mcconnell, who finally voted the right way in the end:

Thank you for your vote Thursday that helped defeat the misguided Senate immigration proposal. I appreciate that you listened to your constituents and stood up for us today.

say thank you to your senator here. before […]

Jun 28th 2007

VIDEO: immigration by the numbers

….almost as frightening as doug’s safari footage

Jun 28th 2007

rex grossman: 1.3 passer rating

i wrote this post last football season, but never published it because he had a passer rating of zero a few weeks later, and so 1.3 wasn’t even uniquely bad for him anymore. anyway, since i’m cleaning out the old posts, here it is — travis
the QB scores a 1.3 passer rating, but the […]

Jun 28th 2007

Shamnesty DEAD

Dingy Harry is “disheartened.”

Jun 27th 2007

illegal immigration FAQ

“answering 13 frequently asked questions about illegal immigration”
by: john hawkins of RWN
date: 30 march 2006
1) How many illegal aliens are there in the United States? Since they’re not here legally, there’s no way to do a precise count. Most estimates are in the 10-12 million range, but some people believe as few as 8 […]

Jun 27th 2007

human rights first: ’24’ should be nicer

back in february, news broke that people were upset the show ’24’ depicts aggressive interrogation techniques. this is what i wrote at the time. — travis

Human Rights First recently brought a West Point commander and retired military interrogators to Hollywood for meetings with producers of [fox’s] “24” and ABC’s “Lost” to talk about their […]

Jun 26th 2007

Israel and Human Rights: How does Israel behave in the face of Arab uprising?

This article is reprinted with permission from FLAME (Facts and Logic About the Middle East). Visit FLAME’s website,, to read every one of their excellent articles debunking common misconceptions about the history and current events of the Middle East. — Admin

The so-called “Intifada,” the uprising of the Arab population in the territories […]