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Jun 26th 2007

mark cuban, meet the new york times

this post was written in 2005. it is about bad journalism, so it is always timely. — travis
my experience has shown me that reporters rarely depict their subjects to the satisfaction of the person(s) involved. they may quote you correctly, but when the story comes out it is twisted beyond anything you […]

Jun 25th 2007

domestic partner benefits at the university of kentucky

i wrote this in february 2007 and never published it. here it is now. — travis

UK has started discussions about the university potentially offering the benefits to gay and unmarried domestic couples. Last month, the UK Domestic Partner Benefits Committee, commissioned by President Lee Todd in the fall, recommended passing the benefits.
in order to […]

Jun 24th 2007

Amazing Safari Footage – video

Watch the entire video (don’t turn it off after the first three minutes).
{vidavee id=”1238″ w=”320″ } 
Simply amazing.

Jun 24th 2007

diversity at the university of kentucky

this is an email i received from kumble subbwaswamy, university of kentucky provost, on november 20th, 2006. i never blogged it, so i’m fisking it now — travis

Diversity is vital to ensuring success as a vibrant institution of higher education, and a critical component of UK’s plan to become a Top 20 public […]

Jun 22nd 2007

Orca Slap – Penguin Target Game

By request from Dr. Richard Kimball.
Yeti Sports: Orca Slap

Jun 22nd 2007

the manipulation of the 9-11 commission

i wrote this post in july 2004. with so many liberals expressing their love and confidence for the holy 9-11 commission, i wanted to point out the holes in the information available to the commission, and the flaws in the reporting on the commission’s findings. the post is not a well developed one, […]

Jun 21st 2007

Mexifornia, Five Years Later

The flood of illegal immigrants into California has made things worse than I foresaw
By Victor Davis Hanson (CAPS Advisory Board Member,, City Journal
Winter 2007
In the Spring 2002 issue of City Journal, I wrote an essay about growing up in the central San Joaquin Valley and witnessing firsthand, especially over the last 20 years, […]

Jun 21st 2007

no flag-burning amendment; koran desecration amendment proposed

no flag-burning amendment; koran desecration amendment proposed
i wrote this satirical headline in the summer of 2005. another attempt to prohibit flag burning failed to pass, and the prominent media cheered. this, while swarming like piranas around soon-to-be-debunked claims of koran desecration at gitmo. i was frustrated, and penning the title of the […]

Jun 21st 2007

Boca Juniors – Copa Libertadores 2007


Boca Juniors, campeón otra vez de la Copa Libertadores.
¡¡Cantá con La 12!!

Señores yo soy de boca desde la cuna
que vamo a salir campeones no tengo duda
con un poco más de huevo la vuelta vamos a dar
y todos de la cabeza vamo a festejar
dale dale Bo dale dale Bo y dale dale Bo dale dale Bo

Jun 20th 2007

The iPod Generation: Not so good at car theft

From Dave Barry via Yahoo:
Manual gearbox foils car thieves
Two U.S. car thieves failed to make their getaway in a car they had just stolen because they couldn’t figure out how to use its manual transmission, a witness said on Wednesday.

“The kid was just sitting in the car trying to start it but he had no […]