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Oct 31st 2007

impossible crime occurs at university of kentucky

UK Safety Alert
At approximately 2:50 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 30, a male student reported to UK Police that he had been robbed at the corner of University Drive and Complex Drive. The victim stated that he walked passed three males standing in the area and was struck from behind and knocked to the ground. The […]

Oct 29th 2007

goalies cannot make saves on jonathan toews

(ps: “saves” rhymes with “toews”)

Oct 25th 2007

no death penalty for microwaving a baby?

if i ever found myself in the same room as the guy who did it, i would kill him with my bare hands.

Oct 25th 2007

avoid if you actually want to find people

i tried to use the services of US search this summer on behalf of a relative searching for a wayward business partner. after receiving an order confirmation email from US search, the people-finding company proceeded to fail to display any competence in the area of finding things, specifically any information i emailed them. […]

Oct 24th 2007

Donate to Wikipedia

We all use it. Now you can kick in your own $5, $50, $500, or whatever you feel like throwing into the pot.
Donate now.

Oct 23rd 2007

coach greg ryan out, spoiled brat hope solo stays

In the history of sports, there may never have been a coach fired with a better record.
Greg Ryan was dismissed yesterday as coach of the U.S. women’s national soccer team, after dropping just one of 55 matches (45-1-9) over a three-year period.
The president of U.S. Soccer, Sunil Gulati, insisted that Ryan’s firing was not […]

Oct 22nd 2007

I’m not voting for Ron Paul…

…because it’s not expressly prescribed in the Constitution.
Courtesy of: Mark Hemingway.

Oct 21st 2007

Is this the punch line?

Or just the first part of a joke?
Waffle House brawl lands Kid Rock in jail

Oct 20th 2007

Kudos to Chris Dodd

Senator Dodd is going to put a hold on a bill that would grant retroactive immunity to companies who went along with the warrantless data collection nonsense.
Connecticut Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd has vowed to put a hold on a Senate bill that reportedly would grant retroactive legal protection to any phone or internet company that […]

Oct 20th 2007

Can you box the cat in?