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Nov 28th 2007

The Candidates

Summarized in one phrase each…

Nov 24th 2007

New strategy to protect the net.

Hilarious strategy for a free 12th man on the field:
Bring on the water guy (and you gotta love the fact he won’t touch the ball with his hands!).

Hat tip: Diego.

Nov 23rd 2007

Sassiness will be punished by electrocution.

Man is tasered for arguing about speeding ticket. And he didn’t even get to yell, “Don’t tase me bro!”
Hat tip: The Agitator.

Apparently, the guy getting tasered is the one who posted the video of the incident on YouTube…after the Utah Highway Patrol continued to stonewall him.
The decision to post a video of himself being […]

Nov 21st 2007

Apocalypse now?

I agree with Maureen Dowd.
Most of the time, Barack Obama seems like he’s boxing in the wrong weight class. But Monday in Fort Dodge, Iowa, he delivered an unscripted jab that was a beaut.
At a news conference, the Illinois senator was asked about Hillary Clinton’s attack on his qualifications. Making an economic speech in Knoxville, […]

Nov 21st 2007

Some liberals don’t “get” religion; Exhibit A

Michelle Cottle over at the TNR blog The Plank decries a church sign she saw this week.
But she completely misses the point!
On the way, I passed this United Methodist church with a sign out front boldly proclaiming:
     Experts built the Titanic.
     Amateurs Built the Ark.
Whatever your thoughts on biblical literalism, this is a tiresome sign of […]

Nov 21st 2007

With friends like these…

Fred Thompson gets slammed by some of his congressional supporters.
Several House Republicans who endorsed Fred Thompson for president now say that they are frustrated with what they view as an apathetic campaign, and at least one regrets having committed to the former Tennessee senator.
“I think he’s kind of done a belly flop,” said an estranged […]

Nov 21st 2007

History of Thanksgiving, Part II

The first Thanksgiving was made possible because the Pilgrims ended their experiment with socialism and embraced private farming.
John Stossel explains:
When the Pilgrims first settled the Plymouth Colony, they organized their farm economy along communal lines. The goal was to share everything equally, work and produce.
They nearly all starved.
Why? When people can get the same return […]

Nov 21st 2007

Krugman vs. Krugman

Brilliant piece by Ruth Marcus.
Game. Set. Match.

Nov 20th 2007

“God is Brazilian,” says Brazilian Prez

Yeah, well, that would explain their freakishly good soccer team, too.
“This discovery… proves that God is Brazilian,” he said during a speech at his presidential palace in the capital Brasilia.
His theological assertion is not original: Brazilians have long claimed that God shares their nationality on the basis of the natural resources at their disposal.

Nov 20th 2007

The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is back!

Vote for Hillary to fight against the tired old tactics of blaming political opponents for your problems the Republican attack dogs.