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Jan 20th 2008

“Ron Paul is the Snakes on a Plane of 2008″

I concur.
Up until now, if you had been reading reddit and other social media sites fairly regularly you would have thought that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul was the second coming. He had a ton of online exposure, support, and young followers. We even wrote about the “Ron Paul effect” on numerous occasions. After being […]

Jan 19th 2008

No words suffice. Just watch.

You may be tempted to believe that this video is from The Onion. But it is oh–so–real.

“I’m not taking off my glasses.”
Busted Tees already is already hawking the merchandise.

Jan 18th 2008

“i personally believe that US americans don’t have maps”

apparently, some americans, even the ones in charge, do not have newspapers either.
at a recent committee meeting, an american congresswoman failed to recognize the federal reserve chairman sitting right in front of her, drawing laughs.

Jan 18th 2008

a disturbing conversation

Jan 18th 2008

The end times are upon us.

Exhibit #93,138:


Jan 18th 2008

Mitt Romney owns a rather un-regal Glen Johnson

More analysis and background here.

Jan 16th 2008

romney leads republican party delegate race

having collected more delegates than all the other republican candidates combined.

Jan 16th 2008

Reason takes Ron Paul to task

And summarize a lot of my thoughts on the Paul/racism/Political Report kerfuffle.
Yet those new supporters, many of whom are first encountering libertarian ideas through the Ron Paul Revolution, deserve a far more frank explanation than the campaign has as yet provided of how their candidate’s name ended up atop so many ugly words. Ron Paul […]

Jan 15th 2008


Lisa Schiffren expresses what a lot of us feel re: Mike Huckabee.
What do you think God’s standard is on anchor babies and birthright citizenship? (Manger!) Does Huckabee’s God believe in borders? What is God’s monetary policy? Is Jesus a capitalist? How much economic disparity will he tolerate? Wouldn’t God want us all to have health […]

Jan 15th 2008

mitt romney should get out of the race?

pardon my french, but….WTF? as of tuesday, noon EST:

he leads all comers in delegates and total votes.
he has come in first in one state and second in two more.
mccain was a distant third in iowa. huckabee was a distant third in new hampshire. neither even registered in wyoming. thompson finished second in the only western […]