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Feb 28th 2008

This comment deserves its own post.

It is brilliant. And it mirrors my thoughts exactly.
Coincidence? 😉
Here is Ryan on the Barack Hussein Obama kerfuffle:
Its all twisted political correctness.
This “controversy” about his middle name…we act colorblind except when we act stupid. McCain should just say, ok, his middle name is Hussein, who cares?!
Same thing with Obama in traditional African garb? Who […]

Feb 27th 2008

Change We Can Believe In; Exhibit #3

John McCain punks foreign policy bufoon softee amateur Barack Obama.
In the Democratic debate the night before, he said, “Sen. Obama made the statement that if al-Qaeda came back to Iraq after he withdraws . . . then he would send military troops back.”
“I have some news,” McCain said, as reported by MSNBC. “Al-Qaeda is in […]

Feb 27th 2008

Alberto Fernández: Idiota.

Como si necesitaramos más pruebas que el gobierno kirchnerista no entiende los principios fundamentales de la economía…
Acá tenemos Alberto Fernández justificando el pedido del gobierno que las empresas den informes en cuanto a sus costos de producción para que “no haya abuso de precios.” Jajaja…
“Los costos determinan el costo final de un producto o […]

Feb 26th 2008

mccain apologizes for simon cowell’s ‘idol’ smears

following nigerian native chikezie eze’s performances on american idol each of the past two weeks, judge simon cowell engaged in subtle, but clearly smearful tactics to get voters to reject the artist: he spoke the man’s name, chikezie eze.
senator john mccain, republican candidate for president, did not let the reprehensible conduct go without public condemnation. […]

Feb 26th 2008

Change We Can Believe In; Exhibit #2

Back in 2004 the Obamessiah denounced speculation that he would save America in 2008 because he was a “believer in knowing what you’re doing”.

Feb 25th 2008

Change We Can Believe In; Exhibit #1

The Obamessiah is blocking the nomination of a FEC commissioner, thus limiting John McCain in the amount he will be allowed to spend until after the convention.
This is extraordinary. Obama is using his Senate office to limit his likely November opponent’s spending to $9 million between now and the convention. Incidentally, Obama’s actions would have […]

Feb 25th 2008

Finally, honest lottery winners.

I am always amused when people who hit the jackpot claim that they won’t change thier lifestyle or that they will keep working until retirement age. (“What? Millions of dollars change how I spend money? That’s just crazy talk…”)
A Georgia couple won the multi-state lottery Mega Millions jackpot of $270 million last week. […]

Feb 24th 2008

Why wasn’t she saying this weeks ago?

Feb 23rd 2008

Give Dennis Kucinich His Due

So says The Nation.
Compare the outpouring of affection and respect for John Edwards with the snark and abuse offered Kucinich when they each bowed out of the presidential race last month.
…on almost every issue that John Edwards battled hard on in 2007, helping move Obama and Clinton closer to the light, it’s indisputable that Dennis […]

Feb 23rd 2008

What’s funnier than a Super Bowl ad?

Watching Ron Paul attempt to explain why he won’t debate his primary election opponent for his congressional seat.