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A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

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Feb 23rd 2008

Minority Report tech is arriving shortly.

Feb 22nd 2008

Dallas: Presidential Bermuda Triangle

Seriously, does anyone else think this is odd?
First, security for Obama was lax (or wasn’t).
Then, a police officer dies while part of Hillary’s motorcade.
And, of course, there was JFK.
It should be obvious by now: stay away from Dallas.

Feb 21st 2008

Alfred Hitchcock – The Birds (trailer)

As Dr. Richard Kimball would say, sweetastic.


Feb 20th 2008

Silence is golden. Ignorance is bliss.

Chris Matthews humiliates Obama’s supporter, then Hillary’s gal says that Clinton has “legislative accomplishments all across the world”, and then uber-liberal unbiased Keith Olbermann cross examines Matthews.

As to Olbermann’s point, off the top of my head I can think of a bunch of stuff that the Senate has done in the past seven years: […]

Feb 17th 2008

mike huckabee makes my skin crawl

laura ingraham hits the nail on the head while discussing huckabee’s reaction to mitt’s endorsement of mccain:
mitt romney is out of the race. and mike huckabee is still attacking mitt romney! i mean, this is now getting to the obsession point with mike huckabee. you’re still going after mitt romney when mitt romney does […]

Feb 15th 2008

how i will support john mccain over hillary clinton

it is highly, highly unlikely i will support john mccain over hillary clinton or barack obama. for me to do so, the following must occur:
(1) john mccain must choose mitt romney as his vice presidential running mate.
(2) i must expect john mccain will die very, very soon (before or shortly after the january 2009 swearing-in […]

Feb 14th 2008

Para los que conocen a Argentina

Y para los argentinos que suelen decir que somos tan racistas los yanquis. Je.

Feb 12th 2008

democrats do valentine’s day “better”

this short, sad valentines day tale is from love day 2007. i never published it then, so i’m posting it now. — travis
on the way home today, i stopped to grab some flowers for my special someone. i had to laugh at the scene. try to picture it: grocery store […]

Feb 11th 2008

new slang: ron reags

Feb 8th 2008

degree of difficulty: 10