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Mar 29th 2008

Pats’ Belichick Still Spying?

So says TMZ.

You Stay Classy, Bill
We Are All Giants Fans Today
My Thoughts on Bill Belichick

Mar 28th 2008

Thank You, Martin Crutsinger, AP Economics Writer

For once, someone is sensitive to the fact that I can never remember the difference between the mathematical terms mean, median, and mode. From this article, New Home Sales Fall for Fourth Straight Month; at 13-Year Low in February:

The median price of a home sold last month dropped to $244,100, 2.7 percent less than the […]

Mar 25th 2008

MacBook Air Commercial Song

New Soul by Yael Naim

Mar 22nd 2008

Racial Healing We Can Believe In ®


Mar 22nd 2008

Keith Olbermann’s Hilarious Double-standard

What? The media has a crush on Obama?!?!
Hat tip: Ace.

Mar 20th 2008

Funny Business on Ellen. Particularly, I’m Talking about Hand Placement.

Mar 18th 2008

Toast We Can Believe In ®

It was fun while it lasted.

Mar 18th 2008

Jeremiah Wright Speaks Six Languages and has Four Earned Degrees!

If he is so smart, does he really believe all the bunk he preaches? For example, he claims the government invented AIDS to kill black people. But we all know it was liberals who introduced abortion to kill Black people!

Retired army general William H. Draper, Jr., a leading figure in Planned Parenthood and the Population […]

Mar 17th 2008

They know what you like.

If you’re white. And probably liberal. They’ve got you pegged.
Hat tip: Matt.

Mar 15th 2008

Uncle Jeremiah Wright

Finally, religious scandals We Can Believe In®.
Here are some choice clips of Barack Obama’s preacher (or as he puts it, “somebody who is like an uncle to me”):
And here is Obama responding:
Hmmm… I’m not buying it, Barack.
I actually watched the video of Obama’s response before the clips of Wright. I initially thought, “Obama […]