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Apr 11th 2008

How Barack Obama Lost My Vote Defending Jeremiah Wright

[This is another old post from early 2008. I lost the majority of it due to technical difficulties when I was halfway through, and my rewrite never got back to the level of the original, so I never published it. I publish it now with the disclaimer that it was originally not good enough to […]

Apr 10th 2008

Boca Juniors Desktop Wallpaper

My current wallpaper:
Download by resolution:
1024 x 768
1440 x 900 (widescreen)
Other resolutions can be created on request. 😉

Apr 10th 2008

“Google Está Caido”

La respuesta definitiva de Fibertel a Mariano Amartino. Jajaja…
Yo: Hola, tengo un problema… no puedo acceder a Google ni a varios de sus servicios. ¿Cuando van a resolver el problema con sus DNS?
Fibertel: Efectivamente, Google está caído y por eso no puede accederlo.

Apr 9th 2008

AP Reports on LDS General Conference – Sort Of

Here’s a description of the Saturday night priesthood meeting, which struck me as a little odd:

The session, which prohibits attendance by women, was also broadcast to church facilities worldwide via satellite. [Associated Press]

I wonder if this reporter bothered to ask anyone at the meeting if they would characterize the meeting as “prohibiting” attendance by women. […]

Apr 6th 2008

Absolut-ly Retarded

I can say, with complete certainty, that I will never drink Absolut Vodka ever again.

Apr 6th 2008

Better MacBook Air Commercial Parody

Apr 4th 2008

MacBook Air Parody – video


Apr 2nd 2008

Embichados: La Plaga Oficial

Para los que siguen las noticias argentinas.

Apr 1st 2008

Plane vs. Car