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May 29th 2008

Bruce Bowen, Manu Ginobili, and Rip Hamilton, Keep Your Checkbooks Handy!

NBA to implement fines for flopping next season.

May 29th 2008

Happy Feet: Penguins Win Game 3

Brooks Orpik kills fools who try to score. Here is video of a shift where he made four big hits in like 15 seconds:

Pittsburgh’s electric win last night shows they still have some fight left in them. Perhaps they were waiting for the games to be nationally broadcast on NBC before they broke a sweat […]

May 28th 2008

Construyendo un paí­s en serio

Los piqueteros K anunciaron un acto para semana que viene
Tras reunirse con el presidente del Partido Justicialista, Néstor Kirchner, los piqueteros oficialistas anunciaron que no realizarán medidas, sino que serán acciones para aportar “esclarecimiento” sobre el modelo económico y el aumento de las retenciones móviles que impulsa el Gobierno.
Así, Luis D´Elia informó que el próximo […]

May 27th 2008

On Globalization and the Cognitive Age

A great piece by David Brooks re: Globalization.
If you go into a good library, you will find thousands of books on globalization. Some will laud it. Some will warn about its dangers. But they’ll agree that globalization is the chief process driving our age. Our lives are being transformed by the increasing movement of goods, […]

May 24th 2008

Luckily, he rarely fills the family car up.

Hat tip: Hot Air

May 24th 2008

Obama. Yes we can.

This video sums up my opinion of the Obama movement, especially in the 18-35 demographic.

May 9th 2008

McCain on Climate Change Tour

This nugget from the Examiner via Drudge:
John McCain is going to be doing more of these themed tours of America, and one of them is going to be on energy and global climate change.
Wonderful. Perhaps McCain is planning to hire Al Gore as a campaign consultant. Personally, I’d prefer Coach Edmo.

May 8th 2008

Proverbs 29:2

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. Proverbs 29:2
The Myanmar junta won’t let the world help its people. Unbelievable.

The UN says it is extremely disappointed at the slow progress made in securing access to victims of last weekend’s cyclone in Burma.
Humanitarian chief John […]

May 8th 2008

Golazo de Carlos Tevez

Aguante el Apache!

May 7th 2008

Chaitén Volcano in Chile

I blame global warming.

Chile volcano blasts ash 20 miles high, forcing evacuations
The long-dormant Chaiten volcano blasted ash some 20 miles (30 kilometers) into the Andean sky on Tuesday, forcing the last of thousands to evacuate and fouling a huge stretch of the South American continent.
A thick column of ash climbed into the stratosphere and blew […]