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Jun 30th 2008

Unity in South America at last!

Sure, most of these Mercosur clowns are driving their countries into the ground… But check out the costume coordination!

Jun 30th 2008

What?!?! No free speech?!?!

DNC will be keeping their party’s undesirables behind a fence this summer in Denver.

Jun 30th 2008

An Argentine Muxtape

Enjoy 44 minutes of Argentine música (with one Uruguayo thrown in).
Click on any song to start playing the list from that point. To pause just click on the song that’s playing.

Jun 30th 2008

Danger of Auto-replace: Tyson Gay Homosexual

American Family Association’s news service OneNewsNow auto-replaces gay with homosexual in articles they pull from the AP.
Hilarity ensues.

Jun 28th 2008

Interesting Rambo Facts

I would love to see a comparison like this for other action franchises.

Jun 27th 2008

Does Florida go underwater this summer?

…as per Al Gore’s prediction.
But clear shipping channels in the Arctic? Awesome!
It seems unthinkable, but for the first time in human history, ice is on course to disappear entirely from the North Pole this year.

Jun 26th 2008

SCOTUS: A reason to vote for McCain?

If elected, there is at least the hope he would appoint someone like O’Connor or Kennedy…an “occasional conservative”. Whereas with Obama, you know you’re getting another Stevens or Ginsburg.
Such is the depressing state of this election.

Jun 25th 2008

Dr. No

Hat tip: The Corner.

Jun 25th 2008

On second thought, I agree with Kennedy…

When he says:
The death penalty is not a proportional punishment for the rape of a child.
He’s right.
Proportional punishment would involve dropping (repeat?) child rapists into an abandoned swimming pool full of sewer rats, letting the rodents eat their flesh, pulling the convicts out right before they die from blood loss, providing medical care for a […]

Jun 25th 2008

Video Déprimante – Un Campo Argentino en Fuego

Mirá los frutos del gobierno de los Kirchner.

Aún no siendo argentino, el ver esto me dio una bronca increíble además de una tristeza enorme.
Espero que todo esto se resuelva pronto y pacificamente.