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Sep 23rd 2008

Does it bother you more that Sarah Palin couldn’t figure out which of four Bush doctrines Charlie Gibson was talking about, or that Joe Biden thinks FDR was president and that TV already had been invented in 1929?

“When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the princes of greed. He said, ‘look, here’s what happened.’”
My recollection is that the stock market crash was in 1929. Two problems here: Television did not even exist in 1929, and FDR was elected in 1932, so he wasn’t […]

Sep 21st 2008

Hairy-Armpitted Feminists to Palin: Make Todd Dinner!

The feminist tirades against Sarah are mostly so tiresome, but one line of their complaints is really funny. After 40 years of telling wives and mothers to get out of the home (which Betty Friedan called “a comfortable concentration camp”), put their children in day care (tax-funded, of course) and join the workforce, these same […]

Sep 17th 2008

Democrats oppose eavesdropping on foreign terrorists, favor hacking into Republican VP candidate’s email account and posting private information online

Oh, yes, that headline is completely accurate: Palin’s E-Mail Account Hacked, Published on Web Site.

In the latest of a series of invasions into Sarah Palin’s personal life, [liberals] have broken into the Republican vice presidential candidate’s private e-mail account, and a widely read Web site has published screen grabs from it.
[The liberals posted] family photos […]

Sep 17th 2008

MLS Goals of the Week

This week features some of the best goals I’ve ever seen from Major League Soccer.

Sep 13th 2008

Compare Charles Gibson’s Palin Interview with those of Obama, Edwards

I will pay good money to see someone with some video editing skills (Ryan?) put Charles Gibson’s Sarah Palin interview(s) up against his interviews of Barack Obama and John Edwards. Particularly, I am interested in seeing all three interviews mashed together, so that we can compare every question Gibson posed to the candidates.
Some have already […]

Sep 13th 2008

Disturbia, Read Window, and a short story

If you love Hitchcock and also saw Disturbia, this is a fascinating law suit. The Dreamworks flick clearly was a 2007 remake of the Hitchcock classic Rear Window. The plot was the same, albeit with a younger cast and based in suburbia rather than an apartment complex.
Well, now the estate of the author […]

Sep 13th 2008

Hilarious New Site

A new site by WordPress guru Mark Jaquith: Wordsplosion.
I can haz wordsplosions!
Check it out.

Sep 12th 2008

Hugo Chavez sin sus medicamentos

IMPERDIBLE este video de Hugo Chavez!


Sep 11th 2008

Come Again?

Did the suit brought by the husband for the injury to him flowing from the alleged wrongful and negligent act of the defendant, which suit was prosecuted to a judgment in favor of his wife as his administratrix, the judgment being paid by the defendant, constitute a bar to the present suit by the wife […]

Sep 11th 2008

George W. Bush & 9/11

I think that Ann Coulter gets this exactly right:
As Bush has said, we have to be right 100 percent of the time, the terrorists only have to be right one time. Bush has been right 100 percent of the time for seven years — so much so that Americans have completely forgotten about the threat […]