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Nov 5th 2008

President Barack Obama

May he govern for the next four years as Barack Obama the speech-giver, not as Barack Obama the man (his record, past votes, associations, etc).
In other words, may unicorns begin to poop Skittles on January 20, 2009.
My previous thoughts still apply, of course.

Nov 4th 2008

Welcome to the Third World

If politely asking for a photo ID suppresses votes, what effect does placing angry dudes holding billy clubs at the entrace to the polling station have on voter turnout?
My tentative hypothesis: It can’t help.

Nov 4th 2008

McCain loses tonight

MSNBC is calling Pennsylvania for Obama. This is just on exit polls basically. Not a good sign.
Ditto for Dole’s early called loss in NC.

Nov 4th 2008

McCain Wins Tonight

How do I know?
MSNBC’s “all-star” team of political analysts and Obama blowhards (but I repeat myself) just came on at 5pm…and they haven’t called the election for Obama yet.

Nov 2nd 2008

Obama voters explained

fuel and housing will be free. also, there will be peace on earth and all the sick will be healed.
vote obama!

Nov 2nd 2008

America will not end on Tuesday night

Despite what the Right and Left are saying about the consequences of their guy not winning, I’m optimistic about the future of our country and the world as a whole.
Yes, President Obama would be a serious setback for free markets, would revert to a law enforcement approach in fighting terrorism (that worked well in the […]

Nov 1st 2008

Tina Fey, watch out!