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Mar 31st 2009

Don’t Blame Me I Voted for Mitt Romney

A couple of articles, one in the Washington Post, the other in The Economist, are somewhat bittersweet for me. They show that people are beginning to realize how unprepared and perhaps unqualified Barack Obama is to be president at this critical time. They show that people are wondering why no one is leading in this […]

Mar 31st 2009

@KeithOlbermann’s Epic Fail

The incompetence that led to Keith Olbermann naming Twitter the “Worst Person in the World” is staggering. He smeared the popular service, Fox News, and a fellow liberal Democrat enemy of Fox News, all because he got an email he didn’t understand, about a technology he didn’t understand, and neither he nor his staff did […]

Mar 30th 2009

Meghan McCain Only Offended by a Fat Joke When She’s the Butt of It

She twitters that this is the funniest thing she’s ever seen.

This is particularly silly, given she spent an entire episode of the The View two weeks ago complaining about a fat joke no one even noticed.

tip: hot air

Mar 29th 2009

Horrible Coach Fired, ESPN Analysts Sure Kentucky Job is Impossible

To Digger Phelps, Dick Vitale, and Pat Forde, and other clueless ESPN analysts and anchors:
Update: add Dashiell Bennett (who might be a man or a woman, not sure) to the list of haters.

They also have some of the most ungrateful fans in North America. Winning a national championship (which Calipari has yet to do, by […]

Mar 27th 2009

Fascist Bush and Fascist Obama

These guys must have amnesia.

Mar 26th 2009

Now backed by the full faith and credit of unicorn magic

Don’t know what else to say…

Mar 25th 2009

Bush Deficits and Obama Deficits

Good news: Obama will cut the deficit in half in four years…that is, after he quintuples it first.

Mar 24th 2009

Change Fables We Can Believe In

Mar 24th 2009

Great Moments in Presidential Speeches

From March 2006 until the end of his second term, Late Night with David Letterman ran a recurring segment featuring a montage of “hail to the chief” and several classic lines from famous presidential addresses and contrasting them with some of President Bush’s most awkward moments behind the podium.

Letterman announced an end to the […]

Mar 23rd 2009

Mitt Romney: Focus on Fixing Economy, Not on Pet Projects

Mitt Romney on Larry King said that with “the economy hanging by a thread” it is time for Obama to “focus, focus, focus” on one or two important issues rather than try to herd cats as the President has been doing this past couple of months.
The cosmic disorganization of this administration is just stunning. The […]