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May 28th 2009

The RNC on Nancy Pelosi’s CIA Smear

May 27th 2009

Obama’s Gitmo Fairytale

Via Ace:

Karl Rove keeps making that point that when Obama first weighed in on [closing Gitmo], in 2007 I think, he said it was, quote unquote, “easy’ to close Gitmo.
And in yesterday’s speech? “Difficult,” etc.
Our President, Mr. Wizard, Mensa Chapter President, was pretty stupid in claiming it was “easy” to resolve these issues, eh?
Again: […]

May 26th 2009

Amazing 3rd World Dude

Looks like not only are we falling behind other countries in science and math, but also in basic day labor skills.

May 26th 2009

Officiating: NBA vs NHL

Do you think the NBA can survive a Denver Nuggets-Orlando Magic showdown in the Finals? Would anybody watch? Of course not. But don’t worry. It will be Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The officials will make sure of it.
. . .
Officiating is yet another reason why […]

May 22nd 2009

Joseph Biden Possibly the Dumbest Human Being Ever

I can’t recall ever reading anything this sad.
Mark Hemingway at NRO comments on Vice President Joe Biden’s commencement speech at Wake Forest this weekend: “[Y]ou could probably give yourself a pre-frontal lobotomy with a screwdriver that’s accidentally been dropped in the toilet and come off more coherent than Joe Biden.”
Biden told the graduates:

I believe so […]

May 22nd 2009

McClatchy Headline: “Those Crazy Palins”

Last month, Newsbusters pointed out the bias in a McClatchy headline impugning Alaska governor Sarah Palin for the conduct of her extended family, “Those crazy Palins: Todd’s half sister indicted in break-ins.”

Newsbusters wrote:

Has McClatchy ever had any headlines like this: “Those Crazy Kennedys”? After all, there is a wealth of craziness with that demented […]

May 21st 2009

Clinton Unveils Initiative to Combat ‘Scourge of Piracy’

CNN: Clinton unveils initiative to combat ‘scourge of piracy’. In this address, she implicitly threatens to invade Somalia, a country that has never attacked us.
Whatever happened to the disdain for this brand of tough talk? I guess depends who’s saying it.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday unveiled a diplomatic initiative to […]

May 20th 2009

Did I Mention I Enjoy Nancy Pelosi?

May 20th 2009

Obama Was “Esteemed Harvard University Law Professor,” Says BET

Arizona State University says it will not bestow an honorary degree on President Barack Obama – the esteemed Harvard University Law professor, former U.S. Senator, best-selling author, Grammy Award-winner, and undeniable leader of the free world – saying it is not clear that his body of work justifies such an honor.

From those crack internet sleuths […]

May 19th 2009

UK Basketball: The Possibilities are Endless in 2009-2010

Kentucky’s 2009 recruiting class is ranked number one at and UPDATE: add to that UK’s #1 ranked recruiting class at
As for Louisville’s? I don’t know, my eyes got tired from scanning way down the lists.
Go Cats.