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Jun 29th 2009

Great Weekend (and Monday)

US Soccer looks to be back. Or at least they did their best imitation of the 2002 team for the past three games, beating Egypt, Spain and then playing a great first half against Brazil. I’m cautiously optimistic.
The Kirchners lost pretty much everywhere in Argentina’s legislative elections. Even in their home province […]

Jun 27th 2009

Photo of The Week

The world’s most shameless huckster and the world’s most shameless father discuss the passing of the world’s most famous pedophile.

Jun 22nd 2009

Reflections on the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Third Stanley Cup Championship

Recently, I experienced one of the rarest of joys for a sports fan. The payoff when a team you live and die for as a fan reaches the pinnacle of its sport. To explain: It is rare that I choose sides before a series begins. Other than always supporting my alma maters’ teams and US […]

Jun 12th 2009

Anniversary of SCOTUS Decision Striking Down Ban on Interracial Marriages

June 12, 1967. It was 42 years ago today that the Supreme Court struck down Virginia’s ban on interracial marriages.
To commemorate this civil rights milestone, the Obama administration filed a brief in support of the Defense of Marriage Act comparing gay marriage to incest and child rape. Anyways, that’s what DOMA opponents are […]

Jun 12th 2009

The New York Times On Ex-Missionary Salesmen

Interesting article. Old news for anyone who has enjoyed “free pizza and a pitch” at BYU, but interesting nonetheless.
Question for guys/girls who went through the MTC recently: do they teach “mimic and mirror” there now?
The salesmen are mostly former Mormon missionaries from Utah who cut their teeth — and learned their people-skill chops — […]

Jun 4th 2009

Some thoughts…

I haven’t blogged in a while. Here are some random thoughts from the past couple weeks:
I don’t get the hubbub about Obama talking about his Muslim roots. It’s great that Obama can reference his Muslim roots to impress the Middle East, gain cred in region. This is a positive for America. Right? […]