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Aug 31st 2009

Myths about Lawsuit Abuse – Part I – McDonalds Hot Coffee Verdict

Stella Liebeck of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was in the passenger seat of her grandson’s car when she was severely burned by McDonald’s coffee in February 1992. Liebeck ordered coffee that was served in a Styrofoam cup at the drive-through window of a local McDonald’s.
After receiving the order, the grandson pulled […]

Aug 27th 2009

It feels like 9/11

From reporter Matt Cooper’s twitter stream:

Yeah. Ok.
As Ace put it:
America stunned as 77-year-old chronic alcoholic succumbs to old age; Al Qaeda suspected.

Aug 27th 2009

Obama Footnotes

President Obama is accusing his opponents of lying and creating myths about the health care bills in Congress. But Obama, himself, has been caught lying about the legislation, lying about his motivations for the legislation, and lying about whether he has changed his position with respect to the legislation in several glaring instances.
(I do not […]

Aug 26th 2009

Fun with Law School Margin Notes – Part III

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The feminist writer proposes that domesticity,

[a]s a gender system…has two defining characteristics. The first is its organization of market work around the ideal of a worker who works full time and overtime and takes little or no time off for childbearing or childrearing. Though this ideal-worker norm does not define […]

Aug 25th 2009

Fun with Law School Margin Notes – Part II

This example is a little glib, but I think it is clever enough to make the cut.

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In the process of reading this complex material, I tried to summarize what I was reading in the margins. I reduced the following sentence: “Feminist rationality acknowledges greater diversity in human experiences and the value […]

Aug 24th 2009

Fun with Law School Margin Notes – Part I

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This feminist treatise starts rather abruptly, putting down the traditional family, religion, science, and even the law. At the time, I chose to represented these statements visually in the margin of my textbook:


If your personal philosophy causes you to reject out of hand everything we know from just about every field […]

Aug 21st 2009

Scotland Takes a Crap

Morons. The dude served a week and a half in jail for each person he killed.
Good one, Suckland.

Aug 20th 2009

Is there hope for the next generation?

Sometimes I wonder.


Aug 19th 2009


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Aug 12th 2009

So why invent a post office for the health care sector?