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Nov 30th 2010

It’s come to this…

A “dark skinned” woman is upset that she was denied an acting job as an extra for The Hobbit because…they were looking for “light skinned” hobbits.

Next controversy: Matt Damon is upset he had to play a rugby team captain and wasn’t cast as Nelson Mandela.

Nov 23rd 2010

Obama to Pardon Turkey – Video

From The Onion.
Obama Outlines Moral, Philosophical Justifications For Turkey Pardon

Nov 22nd 2010

Rick Perry on GM, Social Security, Mexico

I love how he just blasts away at Social Security.

Nov 21st 2010

SLC Airport – November 19, 2010

Because this little kid could have been a terrorist.
Update: The kid is autistic. Good grief.

Nov 19th 2010

Cristina Kirchner Remix Video

“¿Quién dice que Cristina no le pone onda?”
Mirá no más.

Nov 13th 2010

The Quantitative Easing, Explained

By the animated computer characters. Discussion topics include: the Fed, the President Obama, the printing money, the President Bush and the Ben Bernank(e). PG for language.

Nov 5th 2010

The country is in the very best of hands.

This is not from The Onion.
Geithner Visited Jon Stewart in April, Though Not for Laughs
“Jon Stewart is influential in America, so we took the opportunity for the two to meet and to discuss the economy,” Treasury spokesman Steve Adamske said in an e-mail yesterday.

Nov 1st 2010

Ready for tomorrow night?

70+ seats.

Update: Not as good as I thought, but ~60 seats is not too shabby…