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Jan 31st 2012

The Four Hardest Words To Say

For Sarah Palin, they are: “I endorse Newt Gingrich.”

Jan 25th 2012

Someone Is Paying Their Speechwriter Too much

Just saying…

Jan 20th 2012

“I would encourage you to listen to me.”

Oh, Newt.

Jan 16th 2012

Leaning Forward

MSNBC leaning forward, as always, face first into a steaming pile of stupid.
Alex Wagner’s show just started a segment on Romney and South Carolina with a summary of crazy “Mormon beliefs” that bore no resemblance to actual, you know, Mormon beliefs. Then panelists said Romney will win South Carolina because SC voters are racist […]

Jan 8th 2012

Tim Tebow Autotune Remix

I think this is appropriate for today…

Jan 2nd 2012

Is the Mormon Church Racist or Sexist?

Someone asked me:
“[O]f the [12] disciples who are now Jesus’ disciples how many are not white? …and how many women?”
These are legitimate questions, though passive-aggresively phrased. The questioner’s real message is:

Since there are no women apostles and no minority apostles, isn’t the LDS Church racist or sexist or both?

The answer to each question […]