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Jun 17th 2012

Barack Obama on Separation of Powers 15 Months Ago

Fifteen months ago, a prominent constitutional law professor explained why bypassing Congress to change our nation’s immigration laws would violate the system of checks and balances established by the Constitution. Last week, the President of the United States ignored the professor’s advice, doing exactly what the professor already explained the president could not do.
Not a […]

Jun 10th 2012

Where are the Obama surrogates?

What on earth is the less-than-smooth David Axelrod doing all these interviews for?

Jun 7th 2012

Green Jobs

The new economy!

Jun 2nd 2012


Jun 1st 2012

Or in four years, apparently.

Problems in the job market were long in the making and will not be solved overnight.

Alan Krueger
Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers
From his blog post at, explaining away the bad jobs numbers today.