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Jul 21st 2014

Are Churches “Fake” Charities?

Jon Huntsman Sr. has given away about $1.5 billion to worthy causes – about 80% of his total wealth. He is also spending $200 million building Huntsman Springs, a golf resort and nature reserve in Idaho that will donate all proceeds of real estate sold to his family’s charitable foundation. But neither of these totals […]

Jul 18th 2014

Dennis Prager Explains the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Jul 9th 2014

I figured out why the Peggy Joseph video bothers me.

I know this is old, but I was reflecting on the iconic Peggy Joseph video once again recently and something really bothers me about it.

She seems like she is about to say something that will be poignant and inspiring. She begins by saying it was a touching moment and she never thought she would […]

Jul 2nd 2014

Murrietta, California: Why Obama busing hordes of illegal immigrants around the country is the last straw for virtually anyone who has been paying attention.

Immigration Crisis: Thousands of Children Apprehended at Border
Barack Obama has been the president for five and a half years. Democrats had the presidency and both houses of congress for his first two years. They could have passed any legislation they wanted. They didn’t reform immigration then. They still haven’t. The multitude of actual […]