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Jan 20th 2005

a petition won’t stop ashlee, but it’s fun

a petition won’t stop ashlee if there are enough 13 year olds still watching her show and buying her CDs to make the ashlee simpson juggernaut profitable. however, signing the petition may show the snake oil salesmen (geffen records execs and simpson’s father) that they need to stop forcing her upon us elsewhere–like SNL and the orange bowl.

the site, has become quite popular; i added my signature to the petition a few minutes ago and mine was signature number 120,195. i wrote:

“your shameless promotion of ashlee simpson is an insult to every artist that has to earn his or her own success.”

other notable comments include, “burn her”, “please think of the children”, and “There should be a petition to sterilize Joe Simpson.”

view the signatures, or sign the petition.

if you are not up to speed on the ashlee fiasco, watch the SNL lip-sinc video and the orange bowl live vocals video.

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