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Sep 15th 2005

ABC: Live from the Astrodome!

Several hours ago a regular all-encompassingly reader alerted me to the great segment that ABC News (inadvertantly!) ran right after Bush’s speech Thursday night. Apparently the main news outfit cut to their correspondent in the Astrodome who began talking to displaced residents of New Orleans.

Lorie Byrd explains:

All of those interviewed at the Astrodome were black. They were all evacuees from New Orleans. When the first person was asked if she believed the President she said “yes.” She said that what the President said lifted her up and gave her hope. When the reporter questioned her about the slow response of the federal government, she said they did a good job once they got there and that she blamed the local and state officials, who had not done their jobs. She said they were the ones there when the storm hit and they did not do what they needed to do. Then she got on a rant about the buses that were not used. She later said she blamed Mayor Nagin personally.

The others interviewed also spoke very favorably about the President. I don’t remember the specifics, but I was flabbergasted that the responses were so positive. My best guess as to the reason is that these people responded as they did is that they have not been able to watch the cable news coverage.

I’ve seen that a few other blogs have commented on this as well.

Kudos to ABC News! 😉

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