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Jun 24th 2006

abu musab al-zarqawi knock-knock joke

I was just reading about the bombing of al-Zarqawi and noticed that there was a team of Special Ops guys observing the house, and likely painting it with an laser target indicator. It would have been much cooler if one of the Special Ops guys had run up, rang (sic) the doorbell and run off. When al-Zarqawi said, “Who’s there?!” he could yell, “A bomb!”

Bonus points if they got al-Zarqawi to say “A bomb who?”

from amish robot

4 Responses to “abu musab al-zarqawi knock-knock joke”

  1. Curtis

    Now I see the kind of people I’m dealing with here.

  2. –people who like knock-knock jokes?
    –people who dislike terrorists?
    –people who quote other people without making any type of editorial comment whatsoever?
    –people with their own blog?

    is one of those the type of people you have just realized you are dealing with?

    thanks in advance for your clarity,

  3. al

    I thought it was hilarious!

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