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Sep 12th 2003

alter-native view of reality

if you were a respected journalistic professional, racking your brain for that ONE thing for which to fault the beautiful and talented britney spears, what sin of hers would you point out?

jonathan alter notes britney’s patriotism as her most VILE misdeed. he mentions her act of sticking her tongue down the material girl’s throat for some quick cash, but that is said more with admiration and awe. what’s really wrong with britney is she’s a patriot. aaah! she supports the president! she doesn’t want to be bombed and raped by people whose last new idea came in 900 AD. (that idea: kill people! the survivors will be more inclined to convert.)

but (f)alter does accurately present the liberal point of view on the issue of patriotism. and since i’ve blogged about it lately, here is the link to his article. alter claims that conservatives and other foolish americans (probably the same fascists who spat upon free speech by throwing away their dixie chicks CDs last spring!) are hiding in fear and wrapping themselves in american flags for security, and what we really need is the UN to help us. i cannot agree with this point (but i could probably try to be more respectful of it, as he asks).

the government's trying to get into your bedroom, better lock your doors, and close the shade, because you could have someone watching you today --NOFX

“maybe the true patriotism—the best nationalism—is enlightened internationalism,” he says. i disagree because i believe the information leading people to distrust and scorn their own country is inaccurate. (to me, it seems the distrust is exaggerated by a desire to see bush fail, not from some masochistic need for people to bomb us.) but if they accept the claims alter makes in his article (no footnotes provided), then i suppose they’re entitled to believe america is being ruled by an international terrorist more dangerous than osama. i hope most people continue to find that idea absurd, however.

hat tip: edmo

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