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May 29th 2007

Alternative to the NBA lottery

An interesting idea from Mark Cuban.

Replace the lottery with a simple better team record or coin flip based on conference standings. In other words, for the last two teams in each conference , the team with the better record gets the first pick. If its a tie, there is a coinflip. The next to last in each conference face off. The better record gets the 3rd pick, a coin flip breaks a tie, all the way up the standings.

What makes this system potentially exciting is that teams will have something to play for at the every end of the season. How much fun would it have been watching Boston and Memphis compete to win enough games to get the #1 pick ?

One Response to “Alternative to the NBA lottery”

  1. Michael

    Probably not much more fun than watching the rest of the watered down season or these uninspired playoffs.

    I propose that each team chooses one representative for a winner-take-first-pick one-on-one tournament.

    We might finally see some basketball instead of Steve Nash et al. whining about a mild body check.

    Better yet, we could do away with the NBA all together and maybe the NHL would get off the Versus channel and I could watch more than one game a year–Obviously the absence of the NBA is the NHL’s only chance for survival.