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May 28th 2003

amnesty int’l hits nail on head

newsflash: there are now some BIG problems in the world and they’re all the USA’s fault! some headlines that describe amnesty’s position:

Amnesty Report: More Insecurity Worldwide Despite US Crackdown on Terror,
World war against terror ‘eroding human rights’,
US war on terror made world more dangerous: Amnesty International

i think amnesty is wrong. wrong to blame the US, at least. they might just be on to something about the world being a dangerous place.

a long, long time ago, before amnesty started protecting serial killers and rapists, when the nazi jihad was in full swing in europe, the US had to fight another war. without question, bad things happened. but one can’t honestly think of blaming america for the horrors of the decade ending in 1945, can they? yet, this seems like what amnesty international would do, in the modern context.

in neither this jihad nor that one did we throw the first punch. when one group starts a war, it seems odd to place blame on the shoulders of the victims while the aggressors go completely unmentioned.

if anything, its the jihaditeers that are to blame for the world being a scary place right now. or do the USA, all US embassies, morocco, saudi arabia, all airplanes, navy ships, army bases in the middle east, and the phillipines not count?


2 Responses to “amnesty int’l hits nail on head”

  1. Carolyn

    So, what are some good human rights groups?

  2. i dunno. i haven’t really looked into it. i live in america, and my government protects my civil rights amazingly well. i don’t kill anyone, they don’t kill me. it’s a great plan, really. if there were more governments in the world like the USA’s, the world would be a fantastic place.

    and what did you think of my calling the terrorist bombers “jihaditeers”? doesn’t it make you kinda giggle, like, “heh, not MOUSEketeers, but JIHADiteers.”