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Apr 19th 2003

and we have a winner

Winner of all-encompassingly’s inaugural Billy Packer “Assert the Painfully Obvious” Award goes to Iran’s Oil Minister, Bijan Namadar Zanghaneh. When commenting on the possibility of Iraq leaving OPEC (the oil cartel) and ridding itself of the onerous export quotas imposed on member countries, Zanghaneh made the following erudite observation:

“…the long-term interests of other OPEC members would be harmed…”

One Response to “and we have a winner”

  1. it doesn’t seem so obvious to me. maybe the ‘religion of peace-ers’ don’t only do things for the money, doug. have you ever thought of that? haven’t you seen the movie “four feathers” with heath ledger? and, now that i think of it, where is trumpy when we need him?