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Jun 28th 2003

ann coulter, call me

read this email interview between ann and john hawkins of RWN.

after that, read an account of her appearance as a guest host on the view. her shots at hillary are especially ravishing.

and here’s an excerpt from this week’s article, where she exposes the democrats’ plans to rewrite history:

Someday, school children will be taught that all of America cringed with terror at Ken Starr, whose evil designs on the nation were frustrated only through the sacrifice of brave liberals. People will have vivid images of the pounding boots of Starr’s subpoena-servers and the Gestapo-like wails of alarms as Ken Starr arrived to kick in the doors of innocent Americans and storm through their bedrooms. It will be the Reign of Terror under Ken Starr.

Bill Clinton will be revered in high school history books as the George Washington of his day who, along with patriots Larry Flynt and James Carville, “saved the Constitution.” He will be honored with a memorial larger than the Washington Monument (though probably with the same general design).

last but not least, ann’s BLOG is coming soon.


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