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Apr 17th 2005

AOL Monitor Seduces Teen

Yet another reason that parents should be watching what their kids do online.

LOS ANGELES (AP) – An Internet chat room monitor hired to keep children safe from…predators seduced a California girl online and was about to meet her…when he was found out by a co-worker, a lawsuit charges.

According to documents filed April 1 in Los Angeles Superior Court, the online relationship began when the girl was 15. She met the AOL employee in a children’s chat room and confided in him about her parents’ divorce and her troubles making friends.

Their conversations online and by phone became increasingly explicit, the lawsuit says. They were preparing to meet on the girl’s 17th birthday when one of the monitor’s co-workers became suspicious and prevented the encounter.

Very scary.

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  1. yet another indicator that aol is gog.