April 01, 2003

slapshot and michael moore. slap the whale.

i love quoting slapshot there are funny accents to imitate and audacious statements of all kinds to repeat. and no other hockey movie has earned as much affection from real hockey players. not "the cutting edge" (a mere chick flick); not "mighty ducks" (which is full of dubious hockey scenarios, especially in the two sequels--although the first is a fine movie for its purposes); not even "youngblood," with rob lowe.

slapshot is a sentimental look back at a time when hockey had UFC-like realism and there was no ivy league priss (current NHL commisioner gary bettman, cornell '74), to ruin the fun.

fortunately, there are still some fights. there is an article presents both sides of the issue fairly. IMHO, fighting has been around from hockey's beginning. it is an essential element of the game. it doesn't teach people to be violent any more than listening to michael moore's teaches people that its fun to be a moron. read about michael moore's fictitious life.


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