March 30, 2003

zen and life

when one finds himself in the middle of a "zen" experience,
what, after all, is he feeling? and why?

i don't have the answers to these (or any) questions, really. but for me,
the very agreeable feeling of being at one with the universe occurs most
frequently when i am making music or listening to it, or playing sports
....or doing yoga.


is it evidence of some wacky psychosis when i leave the rink at night and the ice sheet is empty and the building is dark, that i stop at the side of the frozen sheet and take a contemplatively deep breath and ponder the previous 90 minutes of zen?

i am not the only one who feels this way as a result of sport. surfers feel me.
check out the gnarly-sick-dope movie trailer for step into liquid. i have
been surfing, and i agree that zen is definitely attainable therein, but bad things can happen.

music is safer. there is less likelihood that one will injure himself. but there is
more opportunity to annoy one's roommates. i may be having a zen experience wailing away on my floyd rose stratocaster, but the gain-volume combination may be a little too much for my innocent co-residents.

nothing has changed since high school, where my drumming along to the
was not appreciated by anyone but me. all i can say is, sorry.
i wasn't thinking about you. i was experiencing zen.

Posted by travis at March 30, 2003 12:40 PM