May 07, 2003

liberals strain at gnat, swallow camel

THE OTHER DAY, president bush landed on the USS abraham lincoln, the most journeyed vessel (10 months at sea) in the entire military during the war on terror. he thanked the troops and addressed the nation. immediately, liberal henry waxman of california accused him of stealing american taxpayers' money because he rode a PLANE onto the deck of the aircraft carrier instead of taking a HELICOPTER. i am not making this up. [read the article--full text]

BUT THEN its waxman's kind that don't want to return BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars to american taxpayers by way of tax cuts over the next 10 years. it seems like liberals are "straining at a gnat" while "swallowing a camel." [what?]

HE DELIVERED THE SPEECH from the deck of the ship with the sun setting, the wind whipping the american flag around and he proclaimed that we had prevailed. i was in awe. it was beautiful. [read the speech--full text] it was a moving thing to see and hear.

bush lincoln wave.jpg

IS IT MORE EXPENSIVE to land a jet than to land a helicopter? who the hell knows, first of all. second, who the hell cares? did he use the troops as a "political prop for his re-election campaign?" i don't know. the truth is, president bush went there personally because he would have looked like a complete jerk if he had just 'thanked them by telephone' or issued a 'thank-you press release' from his cushy office in DC.

OH, YEAH. back to my point. bush wants to give american taxpayers $550+ billion dollars. waxman wants bush to divy up (among 130 million taxpayers) the marginal cost difference between what it costs to fly a plane and what it costs to fly a helicopter 30 miles. who's your friggin' hero, america?

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this article describing the sailors' reactions to the president's visit should be required reading for anyone who plans on criticizing bush for the visit. [read the article--full text]

these are the stories of the sailors:

ABOARD THE USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN -- Stephanie Baroni skipped like a schoolgirl yesterday across a hangar bay where packing crates had replaced bomb farms, cars handed out as prizes to crew had replaced jet fighters and some 15,000 pounds of cameras, tripods, cables, microphones and other media gear were spread across an area the size of a small apartment.

"Oh my God! I'm going to cry! He shook my hand two times!" blurted Baroni, an operations specialist seaman working for ship's admiral. Baroni, who had been too excited to sleep the past three days, spent hours yesterday tracking President Bush's movements around the 1,092-foot-long aircraft carrier, finally coming face-to-face with a sweaty commander-in-chief in T-shirt and shorts as he left a workout room onboard.

"He's real! He's real!" said Baroni, a smile as big as Texas spread across her face.

bush sailors photo.jpg

here's another:

The Viking's pilot, Skip "Loose" Lussier, took a ribbing from other pilots for almost missing the fourth wire, the last of the long arresting cables that pull planes to a halt on the 4.5-acre flight deck. "I thought it was going to be an OK three, but it was an almost four," said Lussier, still beaming from his time in the sky with the president. "We were just rapping, like flight school buds," Lussier said

and another:

After the president's speech, many of the crew mulled on the deck, seeing Point Loma off in the distance. Most were buoyed by Bush's words.

Josh Vogel, a 22-year-old helicopter rescue crewman, said the speech put the crew's efforts into perspective on a ship where one day can seem exactly like the last. "I liked the part when he said that it's an honor to be your commander in chief. We don't hear that enough," said Vogel.

"It gives you an overwhelming sense of accomplishment."

One Lincoln airman who couldn't believe his good luck yesterday -- or the bad luck the day before -- was Lt. j.g. Bryan Taylor, an electronics countermeasure officer with the Whidbey-Island based Cougars squadron, which flies the EA-6B Prowler.

Taylor was onboard a Prowler bound for home Wednesday when he discovered his harness was loose. With his wife waiting in Oak Harbor, he had to get off the plane and watch it fly off for home.

"It was a huge disappointment," said Taylor.

But yesterday, as he sat in a pilots' briefing next to President Bush chitchatting and watching footage of the air fleet in action, he wondered if someone wasn't looking out for him after all.

"It was a wonderful experience -- almost surreal," said Taylor, who described the president as very relaxed and down-to-earth.

"Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions," he said. "I'm flying high!"
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what will the president do next?

bush's trip to an aircraft carrier wasn't so odd, really. read up on the hipocrisy of the critics. [full text from WND]

Posted by travis at May 7, 2003 02:51 PM

The democratic party's plan is to take away from this experience. They are disrespecting the troops that fight for this country as much as they are disrepecting the president. I understand the thought of trying to use this politically, but not at the expense of people who lay their life on the line for us. That's just not right.

Posted by: Josh at May 11, 2003 01:01 PM

and if the tax cuts all go to the rich, as it is alleged by the Democrats, who cares? It doesn't take money away from the poor does it? And who will be able to provide jobs? Rich who own small businesses or poor people who don't?

I think the Democrats should think things through before they speak. If you are poor and unemployed, would you be happier that a rich guy wasn't able to give you a job???

Posted by: "bob" at May 19, 2003 01:56 PM