June 07, 2003

the public schools and postal harassment

for at least one reason, i am glad i graduated from high school and moved away from home. when i lived there as a youth, i would have to see those letters in the mailbox addressed to "the parents of" me. the public school system in kentucky was a big fan of this method of labeling mail. it was very degrading. like, "this letter is ABOUT you, but its not TO you! haha!"

being forced to eat cafeteria food should be punishment enough for kids. america's public school-attending youth should not be subject to this inhumane postal harassment at home.

i never understood why they didn't just send the mail with my parents' actual names in the addressee spot. its not like they didn't know their names....or did we fill out those scores of personal information sheets and 3x5 index cards for nothing?

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