July 11, 2003

harry potter in trouble with heavy potting soil


jk rowling, author of the harry potter series (that everyone but me has read), is being sued by the struggling k-mart corporation, maker of a product called "heavy potting soil." k-mart alleges the british author has achieved her success with the series because of the household name:

"everybody has a bag of k-mart's "heavy potting soil" in their garage. the success of miss rowling's books is due, in large part, to the reputation of the k-mart name and its quality products" one k-mart spokesman said thursday.

the supreme court will hear the case after it deals with the spike lee v. spike tv case. [or click here for another perspective on spike]

asked for her thoughts on the pending harry potter v. heavy potting soil case, justice sandra day-o'connor replied, "well, they do sound very similar. but, like always, i'm going to wait and hear what brokaw, jennings, rather, and judy woodruff have to say about the issue before i make my decision. they always seem to know best."

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