October 17, 2003

"Jews rule the world" and other Malaysian observations

In a stunning declaration that belonged in the script of Zoolander, and not as part of a speech at the "Organization of the Islamic Conference," the Malaysian Prime Minister said on Thursday that "Jews rule the world by proxy."malaysian_prime_minister.jpg

But who can stop the Malaysian Prime Minister once he gets on a role?

"Is it true that 1.3 billion people can exert no power to save themselves from the humiliation and oppression inflicted on them by a much smaller enemy?"

"For well over half a century we have fought over Palestine. What have we achieved? Nothing. We are worse off than before...If we had paused to think, then we could have devised a plan, a strategy that can win us final victory."

"They get others to fight and die for them." (many of his fellow Muslim leaders were probably thinking: 'Yeah, at least we get our own kids to blow themselves up! What ever happened to Jewish work ethic?')

It is actually refreshing, in a twisted sense, to hear the Malaysian Prime Minister get this off his chest. At least the cards are on the table. Here at the largest gathering of leaders from all over the Muslim world the de facto position is: Jews suck, they oppress us, they rule the world, we've got to get stick together politically and economically to obliterate them.

Are there really any reasonable minds that wonder why we side with Israel in this global death match?

Posted by doug at October 17, 2003 12:50 AM | TrackBack

the files are IN the computer!

Posted by: hansel at October 17, 2003 08:49 AM


Hitler's Nazi propaganda advocated the United States was controlled by Jews as well. Hmmm, an interesting parallel.

However, maybe we need to give the PM a chance. Don't forget how powerful Jewish lobbies are, for more information about this check out Finkelstein's "The Holocaust Industry."

Posted by: Carolyn at October 17, 2003 06:10 PM

I think the Malaysian Prime Minister's statements reflect the beliefs of most Muslims and it's not common that a politico of his stature publicly acknowledges their collective hatred.

Unfortunately, most people will continue to be told that Islam is a religion of peace, and they'll believe it, despite the body of evidence to the contrary.

Posted by: Interested-Participant at October 17, 2003 10:31 PM

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Posted by: travis at October 21, 2003 12:22 AM