November 05, 2003

If only he could have been the French-looking Kerry

This beauty from Reuters today:

Dog shoots man
November 6, 2003

A French hunter was shot by his dog after he left a loaded shotgun in the boot of his car with two dogs and one of the animals accidentally stepped on the trigger, police said today.

The man, from the village of Espelette in the Basque region, was admitted to hospital in the nearby town of Bayonne on Monday with injuries to his hip.

"As he was driving along, one of his dogs accidentally set off the gun," said a police official.

Posted by doug at November 5, 2003 08:00 PM | TrackBack

Kind of makes you want to rethink the whole "man's best friend," thing.

Posted by: al at November 6, 2003 01:24 AM

i was talking to howard dean's dog the other day. he said he wanted to shoot his owner, too. but then one day he was out with the neighborhood dogs chasing around a female in heat and they all made fun of him because his owner "shot himself in the foot" with his confederate flag comments.

dean's dog decided that was enough. he will leave howard to do those things to himself.

Posted by: travis at November 6, 2003 07:52 AM

Doug, seriously, where's the parallel?

Posted by: kerri at November 9, 2003 05:10 PM

Wait a minute. Isn't the "boot" the trunk of the car? If so, what's he doing putting his dogs in the trunk? That's inhumane. Someone should tell the French that the trunk is for spare tires, groceries, and suitcases. Not man's best friend and LOADED shotguns.

Posted by: Interested=Participant at November 11, 2003 01:30 PM