November 20, 2003

liberated iraqis taunt saddam

until the blogosphere reaches iraq's general population, iraqis have taken to writing their opinions on the walls.

baghdad graffiti

Samplings of the Arabic slogans include: "Down Saddam the infidel and long live Bush the believer!" "A thousand Americans but not one Tikriti," referring to residents of Hussein's hometown.

Many taunt the deposed dictator: "Saddam the dirty, the son of the dirty, in which septic tank are you hiding now?"

Hussein's family also comes in for abuse: "Where are your wife and daughters, Saddam? Are you pimping them in Jordan?"

"I like what I read," said Karal Nadji, a Shia street vendor who sells shoes. "We appreciate Mr. Bush. We're all waiting for the fruits of change." [source]

like mr. nadji, i, too, like what i read. i felt similarly when i saw this iraqi message to "human shields" a few months ago:

iraqis don't hesitate to taunt idiots

hooray for democracy, whiskey, and sexy! and free speech!

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