February 13, 2004

Letter in Newsweek from intern...but could it be "that intern"?

In a bizarre twist of irony, a letter is slated to appear in this week's Newsweek:

Howard Fineman characterizes John Kerry as one who "can seem aloof, condescending and soporific." When I met Kerry in 1997 my opinion could not have been more different. I was a summer intern for Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois and ran into Kerry on the "subway" that connects the Capitol building to the various congressional office buildings. Seated across from me in the subway car, Kerry greeted me with a genuine smile, asked my name, who I was working for and how I was enjoying my summer in Washington. Then he thanked me for giving my time to work in the Senate. He was on his way to the Senate floor, had a ton of papers in his hand and obviously did not need to take the time to make an intern feel appreciated, but he did. And I was very impressed by that. Many of the other senators on Capitol Hill treated interns with more of a "get out of my way" attitude. They were condescending and aloof. Mostly they just ignored us. But some were friendly and warm, and seemed genuinely appreciative of the time we donated. John Kerry was one of them.

Tara K. Dix
Chicago, Ill.

My analysis:

If this is dumb luck: I chuckle.
If someone at Newsweek was getting back at "Tara": The devil chuckles.
If this is "that intern": Even Dan from tinypineapple will be chuckling.

UPDATE: The name of "the Kerry intern" is out now, and this letter is not from her.

Posted by doug at February 13, 2004 12:05 AM | TrackBack

Here's what I chuckle at: I'm guessing it's been hard enough for people- especially women- to admit that they're interns in DC. I'd be willing to bet that any woman who utters the phrase "I'm an intern for Senator _________" already was greeted by raised eyebrows and a knowing chuckle.

Now they're just screwed.

Posted by: dan at February 12, 2004 10:26 PM


Posted by: Doug at February 12, 2004 11:50 PM
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