July 26, 2004

what people are saying about all-encompassingly

i went through our comment history this weekend and looked for remarks hurling insults or praise in our direction, and i found quite a few. we've had some great discussion on the blog in our first 16 months. if you want to see what inspired a particular spewage of hate or love, just click on the comment to go to the post that inspired it. all of the comments are real. where remarks came in an email, there is no link. now, without further ado, here's what people have to say about our blog, all-encompassingly:

"Gives me heartburn and makes me want to hurt people." --Carina, Hollywood Film Critic

"blatantly misleading and sensationalistic" --comment, Jul 2003 [link]

"Travis, you are a gift to humanity" --comment, Jul 2003 [link]

"d***head...I'll use regular punctuation for a week in honour of your great thinkings, master." --comment, Aug, 2003 [link]

"I just don't think I can do it [choose between Travis and Doug]." --Kerri, Sept 2003 [link]

"I'm insulted." --comment, Sept 2003 [link]

"You [are] all sniffle and twaddle, an ignorant piece of squidflesh fit only to exist on the bottom of [Helen] Thomas's shoe" --comment, Sept 2003 [link]

"9 times out of 10 gives me a good laugh." --Ashley, Mother of Three

"Made me into the man I am today" --The Captain[link]

"a self-absorbed bunch...take yourselves a bit too seriously. [You publish] gossipy, bitchy drivel...[you are] just another inbred hobby group...[your writing is] babble, and...is irrelevant." --comment, Nov 2003 [link]

"you guys need to get out more." --comment, Jan 2004 [link]

"bordering on retardation." --Dan, Feb 2004 [link]

"Doug, it's becoming more and more clear that you're not terribly bright." --comment, Mar 2004 [link]

"This website is pretty funny." --Tiffany, Apr 2004 [link]

"deeply mistaken" --professor of english, bruce young, letter to the editor, Jun 2004 [link]

"Travis, stop pretending you know anything about the War on Terror, even with your degree in philosophy." --Jeremy Bransom, letter to the editor, Jun 2004 [link]

"F*** you. I hope you die of oil inhalation." --comment, Jun 2004 [link]

"Enjoying your Blog...but don't forget your school work...(unless you are being
paid by the Blog people?)." --My Mother, Bless Her Heart [link]

Posted by travis at July 26, 2004 08:24 AM | TrackBack

Well Travis. This is a fine bit o' work you've been up to. I rarely visit but hey, I'm on a mission for God (like the Blues Brothers but not really at all actually). So here it is...
+ feedback. You are one philoshopical know-it-all. That is good unless you can hear a sarcastic tone in my keyboard strokes. But that is for you and the others who read this jibberish to listen for. :D YEAH SMILEY At least people aren't sending you anthrax in the mail... yet.
Ok i'm done.
-Elder Griggs (Lewistown, Montana)

Posted by: Mark at August 6, 2004 03:54 PM

elder griggs,

it is good to hear from you. i would tell you to get back to the holy work, but i believe visiting all-encompassingly is a sacred act, as well.

btw, is the mailing address on aspen.mine.nu current? i have a special package to send you.

Posted by: admin at August 6, 2004 05:03 PM

Fantastic commentary. Your work may help save this country from the ever more pathetic left.

Posted by: Patrick at August 13, 2004 11:18 AM