October 21, 2004

teresa to stay-at-home moms: "you're lazy! go out and get a real job."

let them eat cake but let other women raise their children.  butler?  butler?  where is my beluga?

because you've worked and sweated for every cent you have, right teresa? seriously, your statement to USA today fascinates me! especially coming from a woman who, earlier this year, couldn't recognize the chili at a wendy's restaurant.

you, teresa, are such an elitist, it makes me sick.

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Posted by travis at October 21, 2004 01:55 AM | TrackBack

So how do you think they will back peddle out of this one? Maybe she will take after her money grubbing husband and say next week that they really aren't lazy. Or they will come back and say that it isn't their fault they are "lazy" it is Bush's fault! I mean, that is the reason superman is gone, right? Dang that Bush and his laziness! It is like he thinks there are more important things to do that make fun of homemakers and give false hopes to the disabled.

Posted by: Al at October 21, 2004 09:06 AM

We all know that liberals, and feminists in particular, generally look down upon stay-at-home moms.

For me the most revealing aspect of all this, which most people seem to be missing, is that she made these comments having only met Laura Bush briefly...that's it!

Just like John Kerry looked "around the room" in St. Louis and "knew" that not one person in the audience made $200,000; Teresa simply assumed that Laura never had a "real job."

The glee that these two derive from pompous declarations is astounding.

Posted by: doug at October 21, 2004 09:09 AM

al, the quotation i attributed to princess teresa in the title is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. she never used the word "lazy", but she might as well have. she said of laura bush, "it doesn't look like she's ever had a real job."

then, when advised by her husband's campaign team (which has been trying to find a way to keep her bound and gagged in a damp basement somewhere), she quickly issued an "apology" (which was clearly crafted by someone else). her apology tries to cover up the fact that she doesn't think "teacher" and "librarian" are real jobs by saying she "forgot" the first lady ever had those jobs. but the real kicker, which most in the liberal media will ignore, is what doug pointed out. liberal elitists have disdain for mothers. they think women should pay someone else to raise their children. in her apology, she did not say that being a mother is a job. but most people know that being a good mother is hard work, even the equivalent of TWO full-time jobs.

on the other hand, like the heinz-kerrys, you could just send the kids to live in your guest house and be cared for by the staff (who also prepare your meals, clean your house, and chauffer everyone everywhere). you're so busy shopping, you leave parenting to priests, teachers, and therapists. wow, being a mother IS a piece of cake, if you're teresa!

Posted by: travis at October 21, 2004 04:45 PM
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