November 17, 2004

humor: bush appointees and phlebotomies

two funny things caught my eye today. the first is from james taranto of the wall street journal.

President Bush has appointed Margaret Spellings, a White House domestic-policy adviser, to be secretary of education. During the press conference announcing the appointment, Spellings said, "I am joined today . . . by my husband, Robert."

Were we ever relieved to learn she was married. The Education Department is the last place you want to find Miss Spellings.

secondly, we have this gem, found in the classifieds of utah's "city weekly"


imagine that! a glamorous career in phlebotomy is just a phone call away!

these two items are, of course, unrelated (except for the fact that "phlebotomy" sounds a little bit like "lobotomy" and most bush-haters have, one time or other, joked that the president has had that procedure done. but that's a bit of a stretch. let's just say they're unrelated).

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