January 22, 2005

jaxon logan: 1986-2005


the most courageous play you will ever see in a hockey game is a defender diving in front of an opposing player's slapshot to prevent that puck from getting near his team's goal mouth. in the professional leagues, the hard, dense projectile has been clocked at speeds over 100 miles an hour.

acknowledging this, however, does not make what happened friday night at provo's peaks ice arena--a 2002 winter olympics venue and home of BYU's icecats--any easier to accept.

at the end of the second period with the icecats comfortably in the lead, BYU freshman, jaxon logan of palmer, alaska, went down to block a shot. the shot hit him in the chest and, it is now known, immmediately stopped his heart. he was able to get up and skate over to the players' bench, only to collapse when he got there. the puck he deflected led directly to a BYU goal.

the following has been posted at the BYU hockey website, icecathockey.org:

Jaxon Logan 5/14/86-1/21/05
Jaxon Logan, our teammate, friend, and brother passed away Friday night. While blocking a slap shot, Jaxon was struck in the chest by the puck which led to cardiac arrest and ultimately his death. Jaxon was a great man, talented athlete, and fierce competitor. A memorial service will be held at the LDS church on 85 south 900 East Provo, Monday @ 6 pm. All are invited. [BYU hockey website]

go here for instructions on making a charitable donation, or to leave or read notes of condolence.

jaxon may have suffered a commotio cordis is arrhythmia, or sudden death from low-impact, blunt trauma to the chest. [source--PDF]. houston astros pitcher, roger clemens, understands the nature of this tragedy, which is more common among young baseball players; he helped launch a campaign last fall to outfit schools with automated external defibrillators (AEDs) that can help increase the survival rate of such incidents by 20%. [article]

other coverage of the incident is here, here, here, and here. video here. our prayers and deepest sympathies go out to the logan family and his icecat teammates.

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