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Jun 16th 2006

Argentina 6 – Serbia & Montenegro 0

6 to 0.

Can I say anything else?

Vamos, vamos…Argentina!!!

UPDATE: Watch the goals and ignore the rather bad commentary (“Landon Donovan is capable of this level of play” referring to Saviola…oh…puh-lease!).

2 Responses to “Argentina 6 – Serbia & Montenegro 0”

  1. M.McD

    Bad commentary? Yes. despite what Eric Wynalda thinks he is not funny nor do people like him. However, give Donovan some credit, besides, Wynalda wasn’t saying Donovan is as good as Saviola, he was saying that he could be the same play maker for the U.S. like Saviola has been for Argentina.

  2. doug

    Ahhh, ok. Point taken.

    I did get a kick out of the woman who said something to the effect that “it is great that Messi, who is only 18, got a chance to play.” Messi is actually the most popular player (and considered the best player) on the team here in Argentina.