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Oct 24th 2004

ashlee simpson: manufactured by MTV, deconstructed by SNL

my wife, summer, is way hotter.

ashlee simpson messed up her scheduled lip-sync on saturday night live this weekend. download the hilarious video here [3MB, windows media]. i feel bad for her, but it’s only right that the saying applies, “live by the fake image, die by the fake image”.

usa today was the first official news outlet to pick up the story:

SNL viewers heard Simpson — her microphone at her side and her mouth closed — singing Pieces of Me, which she had performed earlier on the show. The chagrined singer did a jig before leaving the stage, while her band still played.

Simpson, 20, apologized at the end of the show and blamed her band for playing “the wrong song.” Her record label and publicist said it was a computer glitch. [source]

my prediction for the future of her career? the corporate marketing people who created her will send her to guest-star on “newlyweds” a couple of times and she’ll be back to rolling in the dough before you can say “manufactured by MTV”.

7 Responses to “ashlee simpson: manufactured by MTV, deconstructed by SNL”

  1. doug

    What’s interesting is that the band is much better than her at improvising during an uncomfortable situation. I’m sure there is a lesson to be learned there…

  2. oooooooh! i guess they knew her songs better then she ever knew herself. i like how you can tell.

  3. doug

    She’s back tonight according to Drudge:

    See details.

  4. Al

    Why did she walk off the stage? I am no performer, but I do know that when things happen you let it ride and see where it takes you. Walking off like that was pretty weak if you ask me. She was unprofessional both during and after the act, blaming the band for “playing the wrong song”?!!?!! What other song might they have mistakenly played? Maybe the new “Take my Breath Away?” Wait, wrong Simpson…

  5. now acid reflux is to blame:

    doug told me that he was confused what i meant by this: oooooooh! i guess they knew her songs better then she ever knew herself. i like how you can tell.

    it’s the chorus to ashlee’s song, “pieces of me” somewhat modified.

    It’s as if you know me better
    Than I ever knew myself
    I love how you can tell [lyrics]

  6. Rach

    i am ashamed to admit it, but i actually clicked the link to download the video. not my finest moment but being so out of touch here on the other side of the world has left me craving even the saddest piece of pop culture news.

    so please… repair the link.

  7. i think ashlee stills rock!!!, she makes lottttt of mistakes, yep we all know that, but she is hot and funny!