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Jun 2nd 2006

Big Brother Arriving in America

We’ve covered Argentina’s attempt to force internet service providers (ISP) to retain online activity data on customers.

Shortly thereafter it was reported that the Justice Department in the U.S. started floating a similar idea to ISPs.

Well, wait no more. Alberto “I’m a Dumb Tool” Gonzales is putting the screws on American ISPs.

The Justice Department is asking Internet companies to keep records on the Web-surfing activities of their customers to aid law enforcement, and may propose legislation to force them to do so.

The Justice Department is not asking the Internet companies to give it data about users, but rather to retain information that could be subpoenaed through existing laws and procedures, Mr. Roehrkasse said.

While initial proposals were vague, executives from companies that attended the meeting said they gathered that the department was interested in records that would allow them to identify which individuals visited certain Web sites and possibly conducted searches using certain terms.

It also wants the Internet companies to retain records about whom their users exchange e-mail with, but not the contents of e-mail messages, the executives said. The executives spoke on the condition that they not be identified because they did not want to offend the Justice Department.

Why is all this necessary? Oh yes! To fight terrorism! Please….

Yet another reason not to support the GOP this November.

“Oh! But Doug! If Democrats take over Congress imagine what they will do! They will impeach Bush!”

Frankly, the prospect of Bush impeachment proceedings look better and better each day. He’ll never get removed from office. So…let Washington DC plunge into unprecedented political warfare and gridlock. Let the Democrats take over Congress. Let Bush actually veto a spending bill.

The less that the government is doing, the better.

UPDATE: I should add that I don’t relish a Democratic controlled House or Senate, and certainly am not drooling over impeachment proceedings. But, I am buying less and less into the idea that these events would be such a huge disaster.

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  1. The less that the government is doing, the better.

    I agree, but still holding out hope for impeachment.